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This step-by-step system is built just for you, a fellow business owner and entrepreneur whose operation just isn’t juicing you anymore. It’s time to STOP everything, decide what you love and build your business around a lifestyle that excites you. Congratulations…you’re in the right place. After struggling and suffering inside my own business for many long years, I realized that building a profitable, thriving business doesn’t require settling for anything short of what you love. Inside this training system, you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Turn your vision into a clear plan.
  • You can activate your genius NOW and chart a new direction - one that you absolutely love, that inspires you and that reveals a destiny you likely always thought was impossible.
  • Interview, Hire and Empower only absolutely incredible, world-class superstar talent to create success in advance.
  • Leveraging the power and simplicity of your Minimalist CEO™ business blueprint, you’ll re-launch a business that is irresistible to you and your growing list of new clients!
  • One more day at that desk, in that box isn't going to create the change you've been hoping for.  Something amazing is on the other side of the decision we'll show you how to make.

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During the ACTIVATE phase of this training, you’ll take immediate action, creating what may appear to be minor shifts in your world that explode into the changes you’ve been dreaming of. And, you’ll do it in as little as an hour a day.
This training brings you the essentials you need with precision clarity, so you can become the leader and the cheif executive of your business and life and build a business that is truly irresistible to you and to your clients!
Learn exactly how to remove the roadblocks and delays that keep most launches from happening and from being successful right away. You’ll be surprised at “The ONE” ... that single problem solving ability you have that was sitting there all the time.

Who is Nate?

I started in business over 2 decades ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. Early on I learned what it meant to trade summer fun with friends to bagging groceries and working at a greenhouse. One summer I got myself fired (not for the first time), but this time I decided to start a business of my own – as an illustrator, which through a series of evolutions became my marketing firm.

After spending years trading my time for money and working for a really difficult boss (me)… I began exploring what truly mattered to me and decided that quality of life was more important than the money. So, I shifted the marketing business to something new... more in line with what I've felt called to do in my life's work. Soon after, I locked myself in my home office for 2 weeks (because I despised having to drive to one anymore) and with a balance of fear, hope and inspiration, I mapped out a strategic business-coaching program that I called, “Contract CEO™”, based on all the mistakes and struggles I had overcome in business. When I launched it, my life started becoming more fulfilling and my business began to grow again as well.  Clearly I was onto something. And, I loved helping business owners as a coach too.

It’s been amazing – and I did it by following the same system I now teach in The Minimalist CEO™. Now I regularly get requests from business owners asking me for business and marketing advice, which I’m excited to provide as a coach and mentor. Regardless of the business you’re in, when you know the blueprint I followed, you can start making changes in your own business and life - to do more of what you love, what you've been called to do - and you'll be amazed at how you can be more present for your children and those you love - in a way you've never been before. 

During my career, I’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing thought leaders and mentors, and I'm the first to say that I wouldn't have found my way to this point if it weren't for the exceptional leadership and teaching I've been blessed with by so many.


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