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Communication Freedom, Action Tip #23

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Communication throughout the day can kill your business.  It's the single greatest time-waster in the world of the entrepreneur.  Why? Because we all have our insecurities about being available and also, it's easier to check e-mail and voice mail than it is to focus on our value creating work.

If you want freedom in your business, you must inject it.  Your business will NEVER give you freedom if you don't give it first!


Be sure and note that ALL communication is designed to get a result and create a change.  It's all about influencing action toward a new outcome.  This outcome can be a new understanding, a new behavior, a shift in a product or more.  It's not just about hearing yourself talk or putting somebody at ease.  Communication has a job to do... otherwise, it's a waste of time.  This is especially true in business.  Communication what is necessary, be clear on your intentions and then do it deliberately and intentionally.The average American worker wastes 6.3 hours checking e-mail every day.  Considering most American workers work 8 to 9 hours a day, you can see how counter-productive this is!  Also, since most business owners and entrepreneurs are productive for 2 to 3 hours per day, there's not much time left to accomplish anything after communication has sucked up your time.  Follow these steps and create some boundaries in your business and you'll free up no less than 10 or more hours per week in wasted energy and time.

  1. Recognize that quick response "direct contact" methods cost you your focus, which can take 15 minutes or more to regain.  Just having this awareness will increase your ability to avoid the distraction altogether.  To solve a problem you first must identify it and agree that it's a problem, otherwise, you'll never be able to fix it.
  2. Batch communications: Establish your 1 time per day (try 2:30 pm) for all batched communications from the previous day or current day to be shared with you in a specific location. Basecamp or Asana are 2 great tools for this.  Then, hire an assistant (who can easily work from anywhere) and TEACH her how you'd like your communications dealt with. 
  3. Training by standardizing: Follow these 5 helpful steps to standardize all communications and then teach your assistant how to do it for you.
    1. Situation - Carefully gather all the essential information surrounding the communication and note it briefly and fully
    2. Result - Clearly define the result.  After this communication, what result will be achieved?
    3. Change needed - Define the shift - from this to that that must occur
    4. Measurable - How will you measure?  What metric will tell us the result has been achieved successfully?
    5. Deadline - ETA - Establish a deadline to respond and for the measurements to be reported
  4. Questions:  Allow the questions from your team to be batched as well.  If there are questions, be sure that your assistant clearly shares when and how they can be asked.  All questions are designed to get answers to challenges or problems of some form or other.  Along with the questions, be sure to empower team members to provide their own suggestions as to how they would answer and why.  This will accomplish 2 things:  First, you'll learn how much knowledge they have of your project and second, you'll learn how capable they are of thinking strategically in the face of challenges.  It's best to surround yourself with team members who are superstars - and who are really pleased to provide their sound insights, along with their reasoning behind it.  Lastly, in the suggestions, be sure to ask the team members to provide the people, materials or specifics that they believe will be required to accomplish their results. 

Here are some helpful tools that we've used at Innerspire and Nate Lindquist Results to work collaboratively with our remote teams.

  • Basecamp
  • Google Drive
  • Asana

Feel free to leave your comments!  Also, be sure and click on contact us if you'd like further help with your unique situation. 

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