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8 *Life Threatening Experiments (I've been avoiding)

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Just like much of the world, I've experienced a mix of gratitude and frustration... even SELF LOATHING recently.While taking an inventory of what matters to me and how I actually demonstrated it in 2016, my performance has been... err... less than stellar in some very key areas.

Analysis to paralysis would be a strong description of my most recent project's launch.  It would be great to blame my perfectionism... but frankly, due to the nature of the project - I've been bombarded subconsciously by a small thread of self doubt... which is great for me now, because I was able to use my "proof of product blueprint" to eradicate the doubt in just one day of effort.  (I'll be sharing a case study on this soon, so check for it if you like) *note: I'm going to share my experiments at the end of this message, but first I want to set the stage so you can think about joining me in the process! C'mon, it'll be fun!  We can compare notes and even hold each other accountable.

Ok, back to my self reflection-ish, criticism stuff...

But, that's not all. 

Physically, I let myself slide and used my new exciting project (that's taken WAY TOO LONG TO LAUNCH as I've focused on other exciting client work... which is crankin! There are some awesome wins from this year ...) to dominate my excuse list. (see how little excuses can domino?)

My body bloaded up to 176 (well, that was when I checked... after 12 days of my newly consistent health regimen), and in general I just felt a bit "thick"... which is far outside my acceptable standards for how I want to live.  Sparked by my own frustration, 15 days ago I made 2 lists to remedy this...

(you can do this too, it's a very simple little exercise that gets you moving in the right direction, rather than fearing more "failure"... try it!)

List one: What I would love to feel and look like

List two: My excuses for not having that already (Most of them are really lame!!!)  example: too much time flying on planes, too many business deadlines... just not enough time!
(seriously, just sharing this is very helpful, so thanks.  Now, I get to increase my frustration and pair it with a slight dose of humiliation, which is an excellent way to kick my ass into gear!)

Next: I created a vision board, which included the picture of my ideal body (I found a pick without the guy's face and wearing actual running shorts, so I didn't feel... awkward about it)... I also grabbed some shots of Scott Jurek and Dean Karnazis, because they are both phenomenal ultra-runners and that just inspires the heck out of me.  Dean's body is so strong and ripped, which isn't always the case with the gaunt distance running crowed.  Scott is vegan and even has a book called "Eat to Run" which is well worth the read if you're looking for some inspiration.  Even if you aren't super fascinated by the eating, cooking and food element, he shares much of his life story in this book... I'd call it a page turner because I read the book... but I just downloaded it from AUDIBLE and am going through it again!  Ok, so - now I'm inspired by these guys who I can model in some ways... you with me?

SO, it got me thinking... why not RISK MY LIFE?!

Enter the experiments phase of my message.

We all slip (like I just did), but we don't have to stay "slipped"... and eventually, we can all use our frustration as a tool to create our ideal anything.  Creation means change - right?  And, change is scary ... or it can be. 
To prove that positive change can happen fast, I've decided to share 8 experiments over the coming 30 days. What am I testing? (*which is also risking my life... more on that shortly) To keep it simple, I'll focus on 4 categories of life. By blending decision and consistent daily action, what life improvements can I expect? Time freedom, work and income freedom, relationships and influence and health and wellness. Here are the experiments (and the metrics that I'll be tracking for each)

I'm going to post here daily so you can see how it's all going ...

This first 2 tests is definitely life threatening, so don't try this if you aren't up for the change... 

Your normal life takes advantage of your desire for comfort.  It's why were do anything... to feel good.  When we feel good, I want more of that feeling.  Then, what happens is that he feeling good promotes what we don't want in life... examples may include: over-eating, skipping a workout, choosing to eat junk - or in business no focusing on business development, not reading, learning or training in your chosen vocation... etc.  (we can all easily make a list in each life area where comfort promotes results that hurt our quality of life)


Go on vacation for a week or 2 and you'll recharge, renew and be ready to CRUSH IT when you get back to the office.

Behave like your on vacation when you're back and be casual about deadlines and key projects that must happen because you're just wanting to chill...

What happens? Your income goes down, you lose self respect, clients leave, you risk losing your job or business, team members are frustrated with you...

*Life Threatening:

Making a change in any area of life threatens this comfort and therefore, your normal comfy life.  But without the change, it isn't hard to anticipate even MORE suffering that's on it's way.
So, to successfully boost your life results and start creating improvements in the core areas that matter to you - more money, more clients, more self-respect, better health and fitness, leaner body... etc., you must THREATEN YOUR LIFE - your NORMAL, current life experience must be put at risk.  Without this risk, there is no reward.

My Experiments:

Here's what I'm going to do for the next 30 days! (let's see what happens)

To prove that positive change can happen fast, I've decided to share 6 experiments over the coming 30 days.

Remember, keep it simple.  Decide your outcome and commit to it.  Create a consequence of not following through (give $100 to a friend and tell them they can burn it in front of you if you don't hit the goal --- or donate it to a charity - which I assure you is NOT as effective) - or, post your goal on FB and promise to friends and yourself that you will hit it.  (imagine the awkward moment when you actually don't follow through. That's using the power of humiliation to defeat laziness - hah!)

For now, let's focus on 4 life areas:

Here are the areas and the items I'll measure to know if I've won!

First: Goals and Quantitative Metrics (I'll be tracking my daily activities in my journal)

Health and energy: Weight, how my size 32 pants fit, how I look and feel

Relationships: # of positive friend experiences, new peak/great experiences
Time Freedom: new income - I'm setting a goal of $10,000 gross income based just on this experiment (and I will be transparent)

Work, Income and Contribution: 1 new online product launch promoted, 5 new clients enrolled in the product

Qualitative Metrics:

I'm now keeping a journal where I'll share how I feel and progress in each of these areas.

Here are the actions I'll take to see "what happens" in my results:

First: Goals and Quantitative Metrics (I'll be tracking my daily activities in my journal)

Health and energy: Weight, how my size 32 pants fit, how I look and feel
  • Drink 100oz. of water

  • cardio (at least) minutes per day - I'm going to do 25 to 40

  • resistance training 25 minutes 3 days per week

 Relationships: # of positive relationship experiences, new peak/great experiences!

  • Contact 2 business people per day.  1 past and 1 new business relationship (who you do not know) every day and invite them to talk (I'll share techniques for "ninja invite - appointment getting - techniques" in a video this week on FB... watch for it!) Be sure to be incredibly interested in them and have a RBR (relevant business reason) for calling them.  Make the call all about them, helping them and caring.  For the past business contact, care a lot, see how they're doing, demonstrate curiosity, appreciate them, if invited, share what you're up to, but be brief (1 to 2 minutes and no more - about you)

Time Freedom: We rarely benefit the creative, rejuvenating power of having space between our doing.  Get it now... you'll look forward to it SO much.  Be sure to prepare yourself and others to know that you are NOT AVAILABLE.  Shut your phone off, get away.  This is your hour.  (lunch doesn't count)

  • Set aside 1 hour per day of time for just you.  Read a book (not business), sit by the water, sit in silence, go for a walk

Work, Income and Contribution: 1 new online product launch promoted, 5 new clients enrolled in the product.  This includes a money goal: I'm setting a goal of creating [$specific dollar amount] gross income based just on this experiment ... Again, my money goal and an achieved by date is February 9th.  By this time, I'm going to earn [$specific dollar amount] of addition gross income.  (I'm not a fan of posting money amounts... I think it can be misleading here... so suffice it to say, I have a goal that I'm going to hit here and YOU CAN TOO!)  I'm going to do it by doing things that make me uncomfortable!

  • Offer 1 FREE business seminar in the Chicago area where I give away my best training for FREE during the event

  • Cold call 1 business per day and introduce myself and my free webinar and perfect my message so I can truly connect with them and get them booked on my free training

  • Contact 4 new potential affiliates and invite them to send my free webinar to their list for a piece of any new business that signs up after the webinar

That might sound like a lot to you!  For me, it's a bit more than I had intended to plan out... but, I've got some great goals and I'm excited to risk my current life (my baseline) and do something that gets me outside my comfort zone.  My old version of life in these areas is in TROUBLE!  Right? Because when you DECIDE, take ACTION and keep getting back up, the old life just can't survive!  But, the new one will THRIVE!Remember, you can pick just 1 action item for each of your life areas. (don't just do what I'm listing here!)

We all know lots of actions we can take to create exciting and rewarding changes in our lives... but, we just don't do it.  Why? because we haven't considered the consequences in our own lives from not taking the action.  What's it going to take to get YOU to take action?  What's it costing you to stay comfortable?

Bonus PRIZE for ME: (do this!)Anticipation is POWERFUL! Set a reward for hitting your daily action steps.  It's a huge motivator to take daily action and is really the only way to win.  My reward is I'm going to take my wife to a theater show in the city and have an incredible dinner at Ruths Chris steakhouse... I will eat whatever I want and have a couple glasses of Malbec.  I'm excited!MY FREE GIFT TO YOU:

Side note:  You just read to the bottom of this post, so I'm inviting YOU to attend my free business training.  It's about an hour and it's a life changing opportunity for a number of pretty powerful reasons.  (mostly because of the list of mistakes I've made that I share with you... and what I did to dig myself out and save my own life!) Make Your Business Irresistible "Stop driving to a business that doesn't excites you!"January 19th, 2017
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I'd love to see you on there.  It's gonna be fun and will reveal some pretty awkward (costly) moments I've had!
(and exactly what I did to turn my biggest business failure into a resounding success for several years)



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