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Please Only One Person — Reach Millions

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Recently I was working with a client looking to sell a custom designed survival bracelet. His business was a brilliant model, where he contracted the State Prison system to employ inmates to do his manufacturing at a fraction of normal cost. While we were strategizing his marketing plan, he addressed a need that he had to reach everyone and get them all to be buyers. The conversation became a great example of a top mistake most business owners make.  You can’t be great – or even worth a purchase, to everyone. As a matter of fact, research shows that the more people you try and please with your products and services, the less exclusive and valuable it becomes to even your ideal buyers. You begin to become a commodity… a service that is seen as just like everyone else who has the same product.

So, what do you do to increase the perception of value in the mind of a buyer?  It’s easy. Tell, show, display, market and sell them ONLY what makes you special and NOTHING ELSE. If you aren’t exceptional at delivering the product or service you are telling them about, then say so! Then, carefully write out what you do that nobody else can do… that sets you apart and makes you rare. Take the time to explore the talents, skills and special strengths you have that nobody else has. Then, decide what you can say that is what your ideal client wants the most. This will reveal the power of contrast… demonstrating your commitment to the critical need that your tribe has, while avoiding the trap of trying to be everything to everyone.

Being exclusive is attractive to your fans and being diluted and distracted is unattractive. Your call!

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