Nate’s Mission

Nate Marg Peru

Connect with Nate to discover specialized insights, based on decades of research about human behavior that will unlock your power to transform your life and your business... 

“People deserve to love their work, feel incredibly productive and fulfilled and have the success in life they want.  What amazes me is how by discovering the root cause of their obstacle, in any area - they can quickly create a domino effect of transformation in all areas of their life and business.”

-Nate Lindquist

His story of transformation is electrifying …

Untitled 1Nate is a coach and mentor who transformed from fat (44 lbs overweight at 206lbs), unhappy (stress, anxiety, struggle) unhealthy (serious illness, near death), overwhelmed and struggling (how did my life end up here?) to thriving - and he lives what he teaches at a level that’s inspiring to all he coaches.  After working to help build dozens of businesses at all levels, including the multi-million dollar level (and higher), he modeled the wrong definition of success and had a severe case of "being ok" and "image management" paired with the constant tendency to throw the pendulum from one area of his life to another as he struggled to figure out where to push to somehow balance his life and achieve his dreams.  By discovering critical research on human behavior and applying to his own life, everything changed.

Today, Nate is healthy, happy and passionately married (with 6 beautiful children) and has evolved from a serial entrepreneur and sought after contract CEO, to building a coaching practice dedicated to helping others learn from his nearly 3 decades of experience.

Having launched a series of businesses successfully starting at the age of 16, Nate has helped hundreds of clients through his powerful online training programs and group and 1 on 1 coaching.  These clients now discover the critical shifts needed to fully activate what he calls The 5 Forces of life (Mind, Body, Spirit, Center (wife/spouse & kids) and Business Empire), providing access to intense, high-leverage time, energy and focus optimization strategies and coaching.  

What’s so unique about Nate’s approach is that, unlike other programs, Nate takes clients through his process called The 8 Radical Shifts, demonstrating a powerful way to unlock the full potential of your life and business. He knows that even in the face of every day confusion, self-doubt and distraction, leaders can reset and self-activate when they pursue their true calling… all accessible by using the “One Focus Power System™” and The GIFTS® Formula, central tools of his coaching program.

What matters to Nate?

My wife is my Queen, my Godess and my Primary - who inspires me beyond belief. My kids are amazing. God saved me. My Mind, Body, Spirit, Center and Business... and, our orphanage for abused little girls in Peru - these little lives are beautiful and inspiring as well. And… Giving the very best that I've been put on this earth to give by helping others to change their lives.   It matters to me that I've recognized much of my ego-driven desires and plans so I can let go of them and heed my true calling - effectively changing my own life and being a present man as a Dad and a Husband - in LOVE.  I'm grateful to remember how important it is to get off my knees, grab my bootstraps, and take massive action regardless of what circumstances, limitations or others are telling me or showing me - because anything is possible.  I've made lots of mistakes and I still do and I'm grateful for those as well.  That's the beauty of my work - of everybody's work.  Our mistakes and challenges are a sure sign that we're moving forward.   They've given us all the opportunity to grow, change and overcome - if we explore, decide and then SHIFT, the 3 phases of true human evolution and growth.  When I am blessed to share my story of struggle, pain and transformation, that is an amazing gift.  Just watching people wake up to the root cause of their own limitations so they can transform is my driving force.

My Promise To You
You can ignite the level of fulfillment, passion and success in your life and business - by making 8 simple, but radical shifts! The results for anyone in the first 30 days are shocking and after 90 days, lives, businesses and leaders are changed forever!

Some key clients have included


Dozens of CEO’s, 100+ Small Business Owners, FlipChick Wealth Academy – and hundreds of private real estate investors, Velcro USA, Cabot Creamery, ABC (The American Broadcasting Corporation), Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes International’s “Business Breakthrough International” – Russo’s On The Bay Training Events … and more.

Background & Experience Snapshot

  • Nate started building businesses in 1991 at the age of 16.
  • Nate’s the author of “The Excuse Removal Blueprint” – a powerful book that guides the reader step-by-step through overcoming any obstacle - literally turning their biggest roadblocks into their Launchpad for success!
  • He has personally trained under Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes (Business Breakthrough International), Joseph McClendon III, Eben Pagan, Chad Cooper, Lee McIntyre and Trisha Ahlman – the top coaches in the world in business and life performance and has been certified by the Wealth Mastery, Life-Mastery, E-myth Mastery and The Ultimate Business Mastery Programs and has attended dozens of seminars, trainings while studying personal growth and business development obsessively since his early teens.
  • Nate has lead over 100 small to medium sized business launches and has founded and run successful businesses, including his marketing and growth consulting firm that he ran for nearly 2 decades.
  • He’s launched 11 non-profit programs, raising millions of dollars in support and in-kind services for those in need – with a focus on women and children. (Babies with Babies, It's my story, Unite Build Change, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Fuel It Forward, We Build It Foward and The Gifts Foundation - to name a few)
  • He’s lead dozens of multi-million dollar businesses as a contract CEO and Chief growth strategist, creating exceptional growth and a culture of giving, service and transformation in the process.


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